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The best online video poker games in Canada 2024.

Enjoy the free game and become a video poker star! Video poker is a popular form of online gambling. In addition to the presentation on slot machines, the many possible combinations of the game certainly contributed to this. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular card games among slots fans. Unfortunately, it is not an untroubled worldwide pleasure. Many countries don't allow gambling for real money. But if you have free internet access, you can play free video poker at online casino sites from anywhere in the world.

Top video poker casinos

Award Online Casino Welcome Bonus
🏅 Best Overall Online Video Poker Experience N1 Casino Up to C$6000 + 200 free spins
👑 Best for High-Quality Video Poker Streams Wazamba Casino Up to C$750 + 200 free spins
❤️ Best for Variety in Video Poker Games Casombie Casino Up to C$750 + 100 free spins
💸 Best for Quick Deposit and Withdrawals Zoome Casino Up to C$2500 + 250 free spins
📆 Best for Regular Video Poker Promotions KingBilly Casino Up to C$2500 +250 free spins
🎰 Best for Beginner-Friendly Video Poker Ice Casino Up to $1500 + 270 free spins
♻️ Best for VIP Video Poker Experience Goodman Casino Up to C$3000 + 350 free spins

Best video poker sites Canada - June 2024

Secure & trusted
Mobile friendly
Expertly reviewed
Up to $1200 + 220 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
  • 1500+ exciting games
  • Top slot studios featured
  • Exclusive welcome bonus
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Up to $1500 + 270 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
  • Fresh and modern website design
  • Attractive welcome bonus offer
  • Great customer support 24/7
Win Rate
Up to $1000 + 125 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
  • Over 2500 thrilling slots
  • Good range of jackpot slots
  • Full range of live games
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Up to C$1000 + 175 Free Spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
  • Regularly updated game library
  • Exclusive branded slot games
  • Dedicated sports betting app
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500% up to C$3,000
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  • New casino with fresh ideas
  • Dedicated mobile casino apps
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100% up to C$1500 + 150 Free Spins
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  • Brand new online casino
  • Daily cashback up to 20%
  • Regular Drops and Wins
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Up to C$4,500 + 225 Free Spins
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  • Lightning fast cash out
  • Dedicated PWA application
  • Bitkingz VIP loyalty club
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Up to C$10,000 + 180 Free Spins
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  • Immense total jackpot
  • Everyday bonuses and promos
  • Multilevel loyalty program
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Up to C$10,000 + 180 Free Spins
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  • Fast and dynamic online casino
  • Modern and polished interface
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100% up to C$450
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  • Supports many currencies
  • Translated to lots of languages
  • Well optimized for mobile devices
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Online video poker history

Video Poker is an online casino game based on the Five Card Draw variant played with the help of slots. The history of video poker is relatively short, only in the 1970s, with the development of the Internet, did the first games come onto the market. It used to be played on slots or on home PCs. Nowadays, however, there are many offers available online.

Video poker was first introduced in 1891 on a slot machine in Brooklyn, New York. This machine, manufactured by Sittman and Pitt Company, had five reels. The player played with ten cards. The player should insert a coin into the machine and the reels would spin. Once the reels have stopped spinning, the cards the player had were revealed. These machines were generally found in bars and the winners were given drinks or cigars.

The next development was the development of slot machines in 1898. Charles Fey developed a machine called the Liberty Bell. This machine could pay cash prizes to its winners. In 1901, Fey brought with him a new invention called the Skill Draw machine that had a hold function. This new machine had five reels. The player could spin all the reels and watch the results.

If he wasn’t happy with the result, he could hold one or more reels. That was the first hold function. This feature is an important part of the poker game in modern online gaming. But further developments followed. One day you could combine a television screen with a central processing unit. This is what made video poker really popular.

The first video poker slots appeared in the 1970s at the same time as computers. Since then, video poker has become increasingly popular among players. The video slots were also less scary than the casino tables. Video poker’s popularity grew as technology improved and newer slots were introduced. Also, new poker games were designed and introduced. That also played a positive role.

In the 90’s the number of people using the Internet grew. This also influenced the development of video poker enormously. You could now play the game in places where there were no casinos. Also, the opportunities to play poker online for free make the game popular. The high internet speed also enabled many players from different countries to play video poker. You could also play from home, which was also very important for most players.

The invention of video poker software has also increased the popularity and popularity of the game significantly. Today there are a large number of companies that offer multiple types of video poker and poker card combinations. This gives players an opportunity to try new types of video poker online for free and enjoy all the high-quality games from home.

Video poker rules

The video poker slot is similar to a regular classic slot. All the information you need to gamble is provided on the screen. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck. There are three important buttons on the screen: Credit (shows the amount of the player’s account), Win (the winning amount of the last game) and Bet (the current bet). With the help of the Bet One button, the player can increase his bet. And when the player presses the Bet Max button, the maximum bet is selected. Once you have placed your bet, all you have to do is press the Deal button and the fun can begin.

At the beginning of the game, you are dealt five cards. After reviewing the cards, select the ones you want to trade. When you’re done trading, the casino analyzes your cards and checks for a possible win. If you should have won, you get paid the money. The amount of the payout depends on how rare the combination is. The rarer the winning combination, the higher your payout.

If you have won and hope for another chance to win, you will be offered to either continue playing and double your bet (Double) or take the money away (Collect). If you want to continue playing, but you have already pressed “Double”, five cards will appear in front of you and the link will open. From the remaining four cards you should choose one. If this is higher than the open one, your bet is doubled. If not, you lose the money and if the cards are equal, it counts as a tie.

And this is just one variant of doubling. Some casinos offer you the chance to guess the suit or the trump suit and use this guess to double your bet four times. That’s very tempting, isn’t it? Online casinos offer numerous variants. The casinos have the opportunity to redefine the rules of the game and risk games again and again. For example, some free video poker games give you the option to bet not the whole amount, but only a portion. This is called a double half. It is therefore necessary to inform yourself and read the rules of the game thoroughly.

Online video poker in Canadian casinos

Aside from the games found in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, you can also play a variety of online video poker versions. All games can be found in online casino poker and everyone can also try playing poker for free. Playing traditional poker games is good, but their online counterparts are even better. There aren’t as many restrictions as you want in a land-based casino, and there are several special offers.

Also, there are hundreds of versions that one can play online. And also you can play several games at the same time. Or you can play up to 100 hands per spin instead of just one. This increases the chances of winning drastically. Can this be done in a land-based casino? The graphics and sound in the new online games are also very good, in most cases no worse than the graphics and sound in a land-based casino. This means that when you play video poker online, you’re also more entertaining.

Today, video poker can be found in all online casinos. And all casinos offer free poker and no registration options. But the best Canadian casinos that offer both the most versions of video poker and the best playing conditions are the following.

Best video poker online casinos to try for Canadians

Up to C$2500 +250 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
Up to C$500 + 60 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
100% up to C$1,000 + 100 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
Up to C$1200 + 150 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply

Video poker variants

As with traditional poker, there are different types of online video poker. There are different rules for different games. You have to make sure you understand the rules before choosing a game or another.

The games differ in poker combinations and rules. One can play poker online for free to learn about these differences. Poker games for free allow you to learn everything about poker without investing your own money.

There are the following variations of video poker:

Jacks or Better, or Draw Poker

This is the most popular type of poker thanks to its simplicity. To win you need to get jacks or better. This is a perfect game for those who enjoy playing classic poker.

Aces and Faces

This is a version of Jacks or Better. The main difference is that for the same outcomes, there is a bigger payout with aces and face cards. That’s why the game is called that.

Deuces Wild

This is one of the most entertaining versions of online video poker. There are two Wildcat cards here that make the odds of winning significantly higher. This is the game’s most attractive feature.


This is a dream game for those who enjoy using wildcats. Instead of a 52-card pack, you use 53 cards here, one card is the joker. You just feel like a pro playing this game. One can also play poker for free to see if this dynamic game is the best option.

Tens or Better

This is a very easy variant of poker. The payouts, on the other hand, are lower than the other versions. In order to choose the best game, it is recommended to play poker games for free to test the games. Online poker without a registration option gives this possibility. You can learn poker card combinations, practice them and choose the best game.

Online Poker vs Video Poker

Video poker is no different from the original version. The difference is that you no longer have to go to a poker club and you no longer have to think about your poker face. Nowadays you can easily play poker for free on your PC, tablet and even on your mobile phone without signing up and get the same pleasure and winnings by playing free poker games.

There are two options for virtual poker for free: instant play and live dealer format. If you choose the first option, you play against the computer. If you choose a live dealer, you play against real players and a real croupier, but you still have the option of playing poker for free, or in other words playing poker for free.

Best video poker online casinos for experienced players

Up to C$1000 + 150 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
Up to C$1500 + 130 Free Spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
Up to C$300 + 220 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply
Up to C$1500 + 150 free spins
19+ | New customers only | T&C apply

Video Poker Strategy

You have to get familiar with the video poker game before you play. You have to learn rules, how to play and what winnings depend on. It’s difficult for a beginner to figure out all the details and determine all poker odds, but at least the most important ones are worth reading. There are several options to play poker for free. Playing free video poker without registration allows you to get to know the game very well.

  1. You have to learn the payment schedules.
    There are some slots that offer the same games but the payouts are different. For example, a poker game may have an RTP of 99% on some slots and as low as 97% on other slots. Therefore profits can differ significantly. Poker online for real money can be a tricky game.
  2. Practice again and again.
    The more you practice, the better you prepare for a variety of situations. When you practice, you also learn a wide variety of measures that you can take in a wide variety of situations.
  3. You don’t have to pay money to practice these days either.
    There are a variety of ways to play poker for free without signing up. You have to keep a budget and only play at cheap rates. This is one of the most important tips any poker player can be given. You have to set a budget with the game and definitely stick to it.
  4. And it is always recommended to play poker for free before playing for real money.
    Poker online without registration is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the game. Some specialists also advise having a budget even for profits. That way, winning over budget is all a bonus and losing is only possible within certain limits.

Mobile video poker

One was video poker played on large consoles with television monitors. They weren’t as colorful and entertaining. But today the situation changed. Now you can play video poker for free or online poker for real money on various devices, including mobile devices.

Now the classic poker games have been switched to touchscreens for online poker games. You can play them all from any iOS or Android phone or tablet. Many casinos now offer this option to play most poker games on a mobile device. Newer and better applications are being developed that guarantee the best experiences. Most poker games can be played on a mobile phone for real money or for free.

Most of the advantages of mobile gaming are an opportunity to gamble anytime, no matter where you are, and the big bonuses. The bonuses are usually much higher than those given by an online casino. You can also play for free without registering.

Video Poker casino games

There are numerous variations of video poker all over the world and also in our free online casino portal. They differ according to:

  • The number of game lines. Usually, there are always 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 lines. The selected cards fix themselves anywhere on the lines.
  • The name of the game. The most popular video poker games are Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Bonus Poker, etc.
  • The availability of the jackpot. There are video poker games that offer a progressive jackpot. The jackpot total is always shown at the top of the screen.
  • The paytable. The payouts are different in each game. It also depends on how much money was wagered etc.

In the previous part of the article, we explained that video poker does not have a long history. In complete contrast to e.g. B. dice games or even baccarat. But over time video poker has become so popular that it is now one of the most popular free casino games. Video poker is at the top of the list of favorite games for players in Canada. On our free gaming platform, we offer you numerous variants of video poker, with different payouts, and stakes and also with different software.

Even with video poker, trying is about studying. So test the different games and find out which variant suits you best. Our experts have selected only the best video poker games for you so that you can have lots of fun and win lots of money at online casinos.

Final Thoght on Video Poker

There are many video poker variants. All are based on the video poker game sequence described above. However, depending on the game variant, there are wild symbols (joker) or special winning combinations in video poker games. The variants “All American” or “Tens or Better” are also common. “Deuces Wild” means that if the wild symbol appears, the win is doubled.

In fact, online casinos have helped make playing poker online more fashionable than ever. A full variety of variants of free poker is offered, which is hardly the case in real casinos. Poker is and will always be a casino game that is entertaining and promises nice winnings when players play online for free. Especially if you play your game consistently.

The heart of the Video Poker slot is the Random Number Generator or RNG. An RNG is a software algorithm that ensures a truly random outcome of the game. The RNG runs hundreds of times per second. The RNG has billions of possible outcomes for any deck. Once the Start, Deal or Bet button is pressed (or the first coin is deposited), the outcome is determined regardless of the game or the number of coins wagered. You can always try out poker games for free to make sure the games are fair.

The odds of winning are different for all poker slots. The RNG guarantees that the game outcomes are random, so you cannot predict them in advance. You have to be familiar with the rules of the game and be very attentive. Therefore, there are ways to make the winning sums bigger. One must always look at the slots and poker games with higher RTP.

There is no strategy that will bring guaranteed profits or increase the odds. You have to learn the rules of the game and play responsibly. Many casinos offer free poker games. You can play poker for free to learn the game.

All types of mobile video poker can be played on any mobile device that has the necessary functionality. Most casino games are optimized for mobile devices. Its graphics and sound quality are no worse, and in some cases even better than an online casino. Mobile video poker for free on a mobile device is also available. Players also have greater chances of winning something. The bonuses are usually bigger when playing mobile games, and the special offers are more frequent and generous. You can also play free poker or real money poker on a mobile phone.

The main advantage of any online casino is an opportunity to play video poker, as well as other games, for free online poker without registration or for real money. The two options have their advantages and disadvantages. When playing free poker, you don't have to risk your own money to test a casino or a game. Therefore, you cannot have the winnings paid out. When playing real money poker, you can enjoy a variety of special offers and bonuses and you can withdraw all winnings.

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