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Welcome to our website. Let's get acquainted!

The idea leaders of OnlineCasinoPulse are happy to welcome you to our website. Our team consists of gaming professionals from various sectors of the industry, from online casino and software developers to legal experts and independent auditors. Our team of online gaming experts are always working hard to help you at any time.

Our timeline


The first website was launched. Within a month, the site received the first traffic.


More than 20 sites were opened for the CIS region.


The network of sites included more than 50 sites. The sites had reviews of more than 100 brands of online casinos.


The number of sites is growing and reaches more than 200 – the number of new players peaks at 300+ per day.


Expansion to European markets has begun. The first leads from tier 1 jurisdictions were received.


Coronavirus. We are switching to remote work while maintaining the productivity of our employees.


Preparations for expansion into new markets in North / South America and Asia.


War… We try to keep working, help employees and their families survive hell, help the armed forces of Ukraine and believe in a brighter future.

What are we doing?

We spend most of our time searching for the best online casinos in Canada and the world. Once our team compiles a list of credible platforms, we conduct thorough tests and prepare ratings for those platforms. In this way, we carefully check whether certain gambling websites can satisfy Canadian gamblers or not.

With the help of the objective criteria of our tests and evaluations, we also provide a deeper insight into the gambling industry, which is why we can recommend individual online casinos and various bonuses. Another part of our responsibilities is to help players with any problems they have in Canadian online casinos and we help them solve only these to mutual satisfaction.

Our values

Just about every group of experts from individual sectors of our industry claims to have a whole range of values. Let’s do the same and see:

  • Integrity
    Our audit team with concrete experience in the online gambling industry is still aware of how important trust and integrity are today. Due to the rise of fake review websites and fraudulent recommendations, we strive to provide honest and candid information that is of interest to our readers.
  • Independence
    We do not rely on links to other networks, as we have more than enough resources to offer objective and independent information about online gambling. Therefore, we are confident that our audits allow us to reveal the real situation, which can be quite different on other platforms.
  • Standards
    One of our important commitments is to ensure top quality in everything we do. This means we take drastic measures to create content that is both informative and honest. Instead of focusing on quantity, we strive for quality.
  • Honesty
    Our multidisciplinary team knows very well what integrity means. One of our core values ​​is the belief that every person is equal, which is why we create our content with this concept in mind.
  • Transparency.
    We appreciate all readers of our websites, both seasoned professionals and newcomers. All Canadian and global readers are welcome, regardless of their experience and knowledge, thanks to our way of providing accurate, concise and clear information.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide always up-to-date and up-to-date information about gambling in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Our problem-solving experts are always ready to help if a player has a problem with an online casino recommended by us.

We are a group of innovators expanding their horizons in providing top-quality content and services. That’s why we continue to strive to welcome and welcome all visitors to our websites, while providing the best possible service to meet your needs for up-to-date information, dispute resolution services and top recommendations.

Our experience

Totally 8 years of experience in online gambling
Work with more than 20 countries in legal jurisdictions.
100+ online casino brands reviewed
Totally 20000+ users per year
150 new satisfied players per month
Average 5000+ words per page in our guides

We believe in honesty. Our team includes experts who have the educational and professional backgrounds needed to deliver the quality content this industry needs to raise the standards for everyone. We have creative designers, talented programmers and the best writers in the world that you can meet on this site.

We pride ourselves on bringing you accurate and detailed reviews of your favorite games. The members of our team are all avid gaming fans who regularly place bets in their free time. Therefore, they will not lie about their experience at a particular casino, and we will never ask them to. We will not waste our time with online casinos that our readers are not interested in.

Here you will find all the important information about Canadian online gambling and you can stay in touch with us. We work for you around the clock and are always there for you. We have experts who know what they are talking about and who can really help you with a problem. This is a godsend and can really enhance your gaming experience.

The success of our project is due to both the professional background of our staff and the commitment they show every day to maintaining the world’s leading multilingual database of everything there is to know about casinos.

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No, CasinoPulse is an information resource with reviews of legal online casinos. We do not currently have our own casino.

Our experts are experienced players and journalists from the world of online gambling, who have been professionals in their field for many years and provide complete information about online casinos and online gambling in general.

All online casinos on our site have been tested and have the appropriate licenses and certificates from regulatory authorities. Therefore, you can not worry about the security of a particular casino and focus on gambling.

We always recommend that you first try to resolve the issue with the support service of a particular casino. If it doesn't work, you can always contact us for help. Tell us what happened and we will try to help you.

Herman Brooker
Herman Brooker
Senior editor at ca.onlinecasinopulse.com

Herman Brooker is a Senior editor at ca.onlinecasinopulse.com with a passion for online gambling. Present for many years in the world of casino games, he uses its expertise and experience to produce quality content to inform players abount news in gambling world.

Herman Brooker Updated: August 8th, 2023