Craps online

The best online craps games and casinos in Canada 2024.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about online craps and which sites will give you the best gaming experience. Here we explore the fundamentals of craps, including rules, betting strategies, and tips for playing effectively. Additionally, we provide a carefully curated list of the top online craps sites in Canada, emphasizing their game quality, user interfaces, bonuses, and customer support.

Top craps casinos

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Best craps sites Canada - June 2024

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Is online craps legal in Canada?

Playing online craps is safe and legal in the casinos we recommend, as we only recommend casinos that have an internationally valid license and can therefore also offer their services in Canada.

Only then can you be 200% sure that you are playing in a safe environment. And remember that playing at unregulated casinos can cost you a lot.

Is online craps rigged?

Licensing ensures that the casino hosting online craps games is reliable in every respect. If you choose an online casino with a valid license, you already know that the RNG software is applied to all games available on the platform, including craps.

And this RNG, which is essentially an algorithm that ensures the complete randomness of each roll of the dice, is certified by independent bodies such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs.

Did you know that all online slots are tested and certified for fairness by third-party organizations like eCOGRA?

What is online craps?

The origins of craps as we know it today can be traced back to the streets of New Orleans in the late 18th century when craps became a popular pastime. More than a century later, the dice found their way into Las Vegas casinos before being promptly brought to casinos across Europe and beyond in the form of craps.

With the explosion of online poker and the subsequent hype of online casinos, which continues to this day, more and more games have been developed for this new audience. Craps was among the first games to receive an online makeover while keeping the rules the same and retaining the gameplay, excitement and unpredictability of the original game.

Why play craps online?

You may be wondering why you should play craps online right now, and in fact, there are four good reasons why.

Online Craps vs Craps in land-based casinos
Features Online Craps Craps in land-based casinos
Play anywhere
  • Bonuses
    The vast majority of online casinos offer their new customers a welcome bonus and the casinos reviewed by our team are no exception. We, therefore, recommend that you use our reviews to find the best bonus for you.
  • Play anywhere
    Online casinos are every bit as fun and exciting as land-based casinos, but they also offer the opportunity to enjoy the game without leaving the sofa at home. In online casino craps, it only takes a few clicks to roll the dice and place your bet.
  • Promotions
    The above welcome bonuses are only a part of the offers made available to players at online casinos. Online casino promotions can take many different forms. They range from deposit bonuses to free spins to cashback offers. All of these options offer some reward to the player who stays loyal to their favorite casino.

Live craps

While the rules remain the same, there are key differences between online craps and live dealer versions of the game.

Live craps is played with real dealers, while virtual craps usees a random number generator (RNG).

What difference between live dealer craps and virtual craps?

Online casino live craps involve live streaming of a game session broadcast on desktop or mobile from a studio or land-based casino.

Live dealer craps

However, in virtual craps games, the action is determined by a random number generator (RNG). This software determines the numbers that appear on the dice. As we often reiterate, you should only play craps at sites that can rely on certification from bodies such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs.

If you are still in the early stages, your best bet is to play virtual craps at the online casino, which gives you the chance to try craps for free. This way you get used to the game without jeopardizing your bankroll.

Virtual craps

When you switch to Craps Live, a professional dealer takes the bets and rolls the dice. This is the best option for those who want to play online craps in the most authentic and dynamic way possible.

Useful tips for playing live online craps

  • Learn how the game works – The dice rules can seem complicated at first glance. It is therefore advisable to play an RNG game in demo mode first, just to get carried away. But you can also follow the Craps Live in Evolution interactive tutorial if you want to learn and play live craps!
  • Pass Line Bet – This is the most popular craps bet given the very low house edge (1.40%).
  • It’s okay to place Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets – Both are good types of bets: the house edge is 1.40% and the odds of winning are still high.
  • Use Odds – The Odds bet that you can place at a certain point in the game has no house edge! This bet type can be combined with other bet types to reduce the overall house edge!
  • Good Bankroll Management – Unlike other table games, in craps, you will likely be making additional bets during the game. This can take quite a toll on your bankroll, so we recommend sticking with low stakes, at least initially.
Evolution live craps has RTP of 99.17%. Playtech’s RNG version has RTP of 99.53%.

How to play craps online?

The goal of craps is pretty simple – you have to guess the value of the outcome of the two dice that are rolled out. The rules of craps may seem a little confusing, but it’s one of the best bets you can make at the casino as the house edge is super small at 1.41%, which is over three times better than roulette and many times better than that of slots.

In online craps, the playing environment is slightly different than in a land-based casino, but the basic rules remain the same. You can read more about it in the following sections.

Rules, odds and bets in craps

Craps is a dice game that will be familiar to many movie and television viewers. The game has existed for a very long time and has an eventful history. Today we would like to introduce you to the game, which is particularly popular in North America. This involves rules, the course of the game, possible bets and odds.

Learn the rules of craps

The game takes place around a so-called craps table, which is often located in the public area of ​​a casino. Various bets are displayed on the table for the player to place their craps bets on. There are usually different rules for betting in different casinos. Ultimately you are playing the game alone, the dealer is only there to organize the gameplay, pay out winnings and collect losses. You usually use tokens or chips to place your craps bets, but of course, this is not necessary for online casinos. In many films, craps is associated with cheating, such as loaded dice. In fact, this is extremely rare and almost never happens.

The goal of the game in craps

Basically, the object of the game in craps is to guess the total outcome of two six-sided dice. Before the roll, you can place your bets, all of which have different odds and odds. If your bet is successful, you win according to the odds. Similar to roulette it is entirely possible to make a profit from a single game. Since craps is a pure game of chance, it is impossible to influence the course of the game through skill or knowledge. A strategic element can be determined at most in your operations. When and how you place bets and at what odds are very important to your profits. In addition to the pure dice results, you can also place some side bets that can make the game more lucrative. Developing a strategy in craps makes perfect sense.

The craps table

Anyone who has ever been to a casino in Las Vegas will definitely have seen the colored tables. On the playing field are the different bets. These can differ from house to house, also in terms of odds. The craps table has a high side wall, creating a kind of pit. The dice are thrown into this. There is usually a mirror on one side to increase visibility. On the opposite side is the bank and the dealer. The players stand in a loose arrangement around the table.

Typical craps table

The craps dice

Craps is played with a pair of two dice. They have 6 sides and are absolutely identical. The dice are often made of a transparent material so that weights cannot be placed inside unnoticed. Usually, the dice are exchanged after a certain time. This prevents any wear and tear from affecting the result of the game. A total of 5 dice are usually offered, from which the player can choose two.

The craps puck

Resembling a hockey puck, this small object is an indicator that reflects the current score. It is usually printed with the words ON and OFF. We’ll come back to the exact application later when it comes to gameplay.

The craps stick

This device is a long stick with a curved end. It looks like an oddly proportioned L. You use the stick to slide the chips across the field. Either bets are placed, winnings are paid out or losses are collected in the bank.

The Player (Shooter)

Also known as the shooter, it is the player whose turn it is to throw the dice. The order of the shooters among the players present is decided at the beginning of the round by a dice roll. The role is then passed on in turn.

The Box Man

This is usually an executive of the casino. He oversees table activities, arbitrates disputes between players and bank, and is mostly in charge of the chips. The box man manages all deposits and withdrawals, which are then allocated by the stick man. This is the leader among craps dealers.

The stickman

This clerk uses the craps stick to push the chips across the board. Since he is not directly involved in the game, he is a neutral character who is only active in administration. He works under the instructions of the Box Man.

The dealers

There are usually two dealers at each craps table. These are available for questions or to help players exchange money for chips or vice versa. Please note that dealers will never take money or chips directly, nor will they hand them to you directly. All transactions must be placed directly on the table to avoid any fraud.

The best bets in craps

Now that you know exactly what the probabilities of each bet look like, it’s now a matter of understanding what exactly those bets look like in the game. We have put together an informative list for you here.

  • Pass Line
    You are betting that either a 7 or an 11 will come up on the first roll. In this case, you win instantly and double your bet. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, you lose. If another number falls, it becomes a point. Now keep rolling until either the point comes up again, in which case you win, or until a 7 comes up. If the 7 falls first, you lose.
  • Don’t pass
    If you bet don’t pass everything is reversed, so you win on a 2, 3 or 12. On a 7 and 11, you lose. Otherwise, there is a point. After the point, you win with a 7, if the point comes first the bet is unsuccessful.
  • Come bet
    This bet is placed after the point is established. You bet that the point will appear before the next 7 and win if it does.
  • Don’t come bet
    Here you are betting that the first roll will be a 2 or a 3. Also, after establishing the point, if a 7 is the first to come up, you double your bet.
  • Field bet
    Here you place a bet that the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 will come up. In this case, you win. On a 5, 6, 7 and 8 you lose. This may seem attractive at first glance. However, keep in mind that there are many more combinations for the losing numbers.
  • Place bet
    In a place bet, you are betting on a number of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. If the number comes up before a 7 comes up, you win.
  • Hardways
    Here you bet on the 4, 6, 8 or 10, but with the same dice result. So a 4 only wins if it consists of two 2s, and a 6 only if it consists of two 3s.
  • One Roll Bet
    Here you bet on the outcome of the next throw. Any other result, you lose. Here are some examples:

    • Any 7: You win if the next roll is a 7.
    • The Any Craps Bet: the bet is successful with 2, 3 and 12.
    • 2 or 12: if a 2 or a 12 is rolled, you win.
    • 3 or 11: A total of 3 or 11 means victory.
    • Horn bet: bet on any number of the numbers 2, 3, 11 and 12. Any number wins here.
    • Big 6/8: You win on a 6 or 8. These numbers have the most combinations after the 7.
  • Free odds / Laying the odds betting.
    This type of bet requires you to first place a pass, don’t pass, come or don’t come bet. You can then place another bet at a multiple of your original stake. Some casinos allow up to 100x. This bet is very popular because it has no house edge. However, since it is linked to a previous bet, it is still associated with risk.
  • Buy bets
    When you ‘buy’ a number you pay the casino a 5% commission in exchange for improved odds. For example, instead of 9 to 5, you get 2 to 1. This can be worthwhile under certain circumstances.

Craps odds and Craps payouts

Before we explain the bets in detail, we would like to show what probabilities and possible odds you have for the different options:

Craps probabilities and possible odds for the different options
Bet Probability Win Rate House Edge
Pass line / Come 251:244 1:1 1.414%
Don’t Pass / Don’t Come 976:949 1:1 1.402%
Pass line odds / Come bet odds / Buy bet odds (5% commission )
bet probability win rate house edge
4 to 10 2:1 2:1 4.76%
5 to 9 3:2 3:2 4.76%
6 to 8 6:5 6:5 4.76%
Don’t pass odds / Don’t come odds / Lay bet odds (5% commission)
bet Probability Win Rate House Edge
4 to 10 1:2 1:2 2.44%
5 to 9 2:3 2:3 3.23%
6 to 8 5:6 5:6 4.0%
Field bets
bet win rate house edge
3,4,5,9,10,11 1:1 5.5%
2:12 2:1 5.5%
Place bets
bet probability win rate house edge
4 to 10 2:1 9:5 6.7%
5 to 9 3:2 7:5 4.0%
6 to 8 6:5 7:6 1.52%
bet probability win rate house edge
6 or 8 10:1 9:1 9.09%
4 or 10 8:1 7:1 11.1%

One roll

  • Any 7: 5:1 odds, 4:1 odds, house edge 16.9%.
  • Every Craps : Odds 8:1, odds 7:1, house edge 11.1%.
  • 2 craps or 12 craps : odds 35:1, odds 30:1, house edge 13.9%.
  • 3 craps or 11 : odds 17:1, odds 15:1, house edge 11.1%.
  • Horn Bet (3 or 11): 3.75:1 odds.
  • The other Horn Bet (2 or 12): 7.5:1 odds.
  • Big 6 or 8: odds of 1:1, house edge 9.09%.

The house edge in craps

By way of explanation, we would like to add a few words here on the subject of the house edge. It is a statistical advantage for the bank that is built right into the game mechanics. This is the case with all casino games where you are not playing against another player but against the bank. This ensures that the casino wins more than it loses over the long term. In this way, the casino can make a profit as an economic enterprise.

How to play a typical hand in craps?

After all this detailed information, you’re probably wondering how a game of craps normally works. We have therefore shown you the course of the game as an example.

  1. You participate in the game. To do this, go to the table and check if the dealer puck is ON. If so, you know that a point is already established. This is not the case with Off. You can place your bets accordingly.
  2. The shooter throws the dice. This is always done with one hand. The dice must also bounce off the opposite wall. If a die falls off the table, the dealer will usually provide a new die.
  3. The result will be determined and announced. If it is the first roll, the point may be established, which is indicated by the dealer’s puck. It is then set to ON. If not, it stays at OFF.
  4. Between throws, the Box Man deals with any winnings and collects any losses. These are then pushed across the table to the respective owner by the stick man with the stick.
  5. A new round begins.

The die is cast

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the most important rules, betting options and payout percentages of the craps game, we wish you lots of fun, luck and of course that our guide can give you useful tips and tricks as you roll the dice.

Strategies in craps

In this way, you can improve your chances of winning the popular dice game. If you’ve seen a movie about Las Vegas, you probably know the game of craps by sight. Excited players stand around a gaming table, cheer each other on and toss the dice onto the playing field to a big hello. If you are now considering how you can be successful in this game in the long term, you have come to the right place today.

We once informed ourselves about what a gambling strategy in craps can look like and put together the best and most well-known examples for you. The goal is for you to have a solid plan the next time you come to the table.

What to take away from our Craps Strategy article?

The best craps strategy is a bit tricky to pin down as there are so many. Of course, it also depends a good deal on what your goal is. Do you want to make a high profit with high risk in a short time? Or would you rather build up a cushioned step-by-step over a longer period of time? We have a wide range of different methods thoroughly checked. Among them is the best strategy for bets in the craps game or strategies for the long-term course of the game. You will get an overview of different methods and possibilities to use different aspects and also different types of bets for yourself. Winnings are never guaranteed, but you can at least increase your chances.

Important notes before you start playing craps online

  1. Learn the rules, odds, bets and payouts. Before you jump straight into the world of craps strategy, you should definitely first familiarize yourself with the rules of this game. It is important that you know the course of the game well. For example, you should know which dealers perform which functions at the table and how to place bets. Here it is crucial that you know and can assess the odds and probabilities of the bets.
  2. Pick a good craps variant. It’s not necessarily about the lowest house edge or the highest payout percentage. What is much more important is that you have a good feel for the flow of the game.
  3. Plan your budget. Here it pays to be strict with yourself. The same applies to your profit. When you reach your projected win, you should quit the game.
  4. Set yourself a time limit. Finally, it helps to set a time limit. This is how you avoid fatigue.

Craps Basic Strategies

Of course, the longer you play a game, the more complex the methods and strategies become. But if you’re still a beginner, it’s best to focus primarily on simpler strategies. This may sound a bit boring at first glance. On the other hand, this approach allows you to get acquainted with the game and better assess the risks of certain bets. So below we’ve outlined a number of craps strategies that are relatively easy to understand and implement. If you’re comfortable with this type of craps strategy, the move to the more complex strategies is a lot easier.

  • Pass Line Craps Strategy
    This is the simplest craps strategy. You bet on the so-called pass line. This means you win if the first roll is a 7 or an 11. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, you lose. For all other numbers, a point is awarded, which is the result of the roll. If the point’s value falls again before the next 7 appear, you also win. As you can see, this bet gives you two chances to win. This explains the low house edge of 1.41%. The win ratio is 1:1. You can also combine this strategy with other betting strategies such as the Martingale strategy.
  • Come/Don’t Come Craps Strategy
    This strategy is similar in structure to the pass-line strategy. However, the bet will not be settled until the point is established, i.e. when the Pass Line bet is neither successful nor unsuccessful. You are betting on whether the next roll will be 7 or 11 (come) or 2 or 3 (don’t come). On a 12 the bet has no result and you get your stake back. Any other result establishes another point. Just like the Pass Line bet, the house edge is 1.41% and the odds are also 1:1.
  • Craps Money Management Strategy
    The best craps strategy isn’t just about the game itself. The way you manage your money also affects your profit at the end of the game. If you lose, it’s important not to get frustrated. Often craps come with streaks of wins or losses and in the event of a streak of losses, it is important that you back out of the game early until some positive traits emerge again. In addition, it is recommended, especially for beginners, to set the desired profit before you even start the game. When you reach that, you should quit the game. Otherwise, you will quickly be tempted to lose your hard-earned profits back to the casino.
  • Craps Odds Strategy
    This strategy won’t necessarily make you many friends at the table because you’re betting against the shooter and the players. However, when looking for the best strategy for betting on craps, this method is worth mentioning. Your bet is on the outcome of the shooter rolling a 7 after the point is established, instead of some other outcome. While this sounds counterintuitive, the reality is that the 7 in craps has the most combinations. So the probability is quite high. In addition, with this type of bet, you set the stake yourself. Some casinos allow up to 100 times the minimum bet. This bet has no house edge, which is why it is popular with professional gamblers. Of course, this is no guarantee of a win.
  • Craps Press Strategy
    With this strategy, you are betting on a specific outcome, such as the 6 coming before the point. The odds here are 7:6. If you bet 6 euros and win, you get 7 euros back. Now you keep one euro and increase the bet to 12 euros with your original stake and profit. If you win again, you will receive 14 euros as a prize. With an additional payment of 4 euros, you increase the bet to 30 euros and receive 35 euros as profit if you win. You repeat the process until you win four times and then end the bet. The goal is to make a big profit with minimal investment by reinvesting your winnings. However, winning four times is not very likely, so you should be careful with this tactic.
  • 6/8 Craps Strategy
    This is a progressive craps gambling strategy. You place a bet on 6 or 8, so you win if either number comes up. These two numbers have the highest probability of appearing after 7. If you win, repeat the bet. If you lose, repeat the bet with an increased stake to win back your losses. Experienced gamblers will find that this method is reminiscent of the Martingale strategy. The difference is that you don’t necessarily have to double your bet. You simply choose the raise yourself. The disadvantage of such a strategy is that you may need a very large budget in case a losing streak occurs. You have to get through that first.

Advanced Craps Strategy

If you are well acquainted with the above bets, you can venture into slightly more complex methods. Again, remember that you should never use an advanced craps strategy that you don’t understand. It is therefore definitely appropriate to do your own research before your money lands on the gaming table. Take your time with the decision and also check which strategy suits your temperament best.

  • 3 Point Molly Strategy
    With this strategy, you bet on 3 different numbers at the same time. You start with a pass-line bet. When the point is established, add a maximum odds Come bet. If a number other than 7, 11 or the point comes up, move your Come bet to that point. Place one more Come bet. If a third number is rolled that is not 7, 11 or either of your two dots, you place a third bet. So you have a bet on 3 different numbers at any one time. If one of your numbers falls, move the Come bet to the next point that is established.
  • Iron Cross Craps Strategy/Field Strategy
    With the Iron Cross strategy, you are basically betting against the 7, meaning you win on any result other than a 7. There are several ways to do this and they all involve multiple bets at the same time. The advantage of this strategy is that you win very often and insure yourself well against losses. On the other hand, if the 7 comes up, you lose all your bets. Since the 7 is statistically the most common result, the strategy is not quite as safe and risk-free as one might think at first glance. This craps game strategy is best suited for a one-time bet rather than a long-term strategy.
  • The Wild Bettor Strategy
    This type of bet may not be the best craps strategy when it comes to stability. On the other hand, it can be a lot of fun and offers big wins. You are betting on an outcome with high odds, such as 11. This bet is called a yo bet and has an odds of 15:1. In a Hi-Lo bet, you are betting on an outcome of 2 or 12. Either way, you win at odds of 15:1. However, this type of bet has a very high house edge of 11.11%. It is therefore not really suitable for playing for a whole evening. However, if you win, you can probably enjoy lobster and champagne for dinner.

What is the best craps strategy for you?

In general, it is difficult to determine the best betting strategy when playing craps, as many individual factors come into play here. For example, you have to decide for yourself whether you’re looking for thrills or profit-making. Your budget also plays a major role here. Can you afford a long-term strategy, or do you prefer to bet big, win or lose? All of these points should be considered before deciding on your preferred craps strategy. Nevertheless, we have arranged different strategies for you according to different criteria to make the decision easier.

The best craps gambling strategy if you’re new

As a beginner, playing craps can be a bit overwhelming. There are many different bets and outcomes. In addition, the pace of the game is very high and it is easy to lose track. For starters, it’s best to focus on simple, easy-to-understand strategies. We have compiled a list of the best craps betting strategies for beginners:

  • Pass Line Bet: This is the simplest bet possible in craps. It does not require complex understanding and requires no customization on your part. Since the house edge is low, it is also not very risky.
  • Come/Don’t Come Bet: This bet only takes place after the point. In its basis, it is identical to the pass-line strategy. What is an advantage, however, is that since the point is involved, you are forced to delve deeper into the gameplay.
  • The Wild Bettor: we recommend this strategy because it doesn’t require complex knowledge but on the other hand it has a high win rate. If you just want to get a taste of craps, this might just be the game for you.

A good idea would also be to try craps online for free. You can gain valuable experience with the demo game and also get to know the rules better.

The craps game strategy of the pros

Successful craps players often use similar strategies to make big profits. A long-term investment pays off.

  • The Craps Odds Strategy: Because you can increase your bet many times over and the bet itself has no house edge, it is popular with many players. However, it is based on a previous bet and is therefore not without risk.
  • Craps Money Management Strategy: This isn’t a craps gambling strategy, it’s solid money management. Set limits and the desired profit.
  • 3 Point Molly Strategy: Many professional players love this strategy as it offers 3 possible winning chances.

These strategies have been the most successful

As a little history lesson, let’s mention a few particularly big wins in craps:

  • Patricia Demauro won between $500,000 and $5 million in 2009. The exact amount is not known.
  • Stanley Fujitake won a million dollars in 3 hours in Las Vegas in 1989
  • Australian media mogul Kerry Packer’s biggest win of all time was $30 million at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.

Beginner mistakes to avoid

  • Play without knowing the odds and probabilities.
  • Neglecting Craps Odds Strategy.
  • Expecting a higher return from insurance bets.
  • The misconception is that throwing the die can influence the outcome.
  • Ignoring bonus offers.
  • Focus on winning instead of profiting throughout the night.
  • Play without prior research and preparation.

Craps variants

Here you find out everything about the most well-known types of the popular dice game. When you think of casinos, terms like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker immediately come to mind. While craps is not as well known in this country as other casino games, it is one of the most widely played games out there, especially in the United States. But in Canada, we also have a lot of fans.

The general game principle of craps is relatively simple. You bet on the outcome of a roll of two dice and can place your bets in different ways. In addition to the basic form, however, a large number of craps variants have been established. Especially with the advance of online casinos, providers have developed a wide variety of craps variations, which often differ in bets and odds, for example. Today we are going to introduce a few types of games, some of which are so popular that they are considered by many to be the best craps variations.

The most popular variants of craps

The basic version of craps is pretty straightforward. You have a playing field on which all possible bets are displayed. Then bet on an outcome that seems likely to you. Then the shooter, i.e. the active player, throws the dice and the result is determined. Winnings are then paid out and losses are confiscated. Of course, this is just a simplified representation. The game offers very complicated and challenging strategies and gameplay options. However, you should be familiar with this basic principle before we introduce you to the entire range of craps variants.

  • Crapless Craps
    This craps variant has existed for over 30 years and is therefore one of the old hands among the craps variants. In principle, the highlight of this type of game is that you cannot lose on your first throw. The numbers 2, 3, 11 and 12 are treated as regular numbers that establish a period. After that, the game plays out like the regular version of craps. Of course, that sounds seductive at first glance. However, keep in mind that a point with 2, 3, 11 or 12 will most likely not come up again before it comes to a 7. This means that the simplest bet, called the pass line, has a reduced chance of success.
  • High-point craps
    This craps variation focuses on the high outcomes. If the shooter rolls a 2 or 3, then the result is ignored and another roll occurs. If your dice land an 11 or 12, you automatically win. For any other result, a point is established. In this case, if the shooter rolls a higher value than the point after the point is established, the game progresses in such a way that the players win. As you can see, this craps variant is a somewhat simplified version, which is particularly appealing to beginners. In addition, the house edge in this craps variant is only 2.35%.
  • Simplified Craps
    This is a very simple version of craps. The whole mechanism of establishing a point is gone. Instead, if you roll a 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12, you win. On a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 you lose. The winning numbers all have different odds, namely 3:1 for 2, 1:1 for 3 and 4, 2:1 for 10 and 11, and 5:1 for 12. The house edge is 2.8%. The game is easy to understand and you don’t have to keep complex rules in mind. But keep in mind that the losing numbers have the most combinations. In addition, it is not possible to increase the profit with additional bets.
  • The Rich Craps
    This simple craps variant is played with only one dice. There are significantly fewer combinations and possible bets than in classic craps. So you automatically win your Pass Line bet when you roll a 6. On the other hand, if the 1 comes up, you lose that bet. All other numbers result in a point being established. This variant is very simple and can be understood and played within minutes. The name The Rich Craps is a bit misleading though. This is because the house edge is a whole lot less advantageous than regular craps variations. For the standard bets Pass Line and Come/Don’t Come it is 3.7%, which is expensive for you.
  • New York Craps
    This version of craps is popular primarily in the eastern United States, as well as in the UK, Bahamas and Eastern Europe. In this very direct variant, you bet on a specific number, namely 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. If it comes up, you win, and if not, the bet is unsuccessful. The thrill of this craps variant is slightly higher than other types of craps since of course there are fewer options for betting. This means less control, but the odds are slightly better. The house edge is around 5% but is often a little bit better with online providers.
  • Diceless Craps
    A dice game without dice, is that even possible? Since craps games were illegal in different parts of the US at certain times, casino operators switched to cards while the gameplay remained the same. Diceless Craps is played with a minimum of two decks, but up to 44 decks are used. Only cards Ace through 6 are used, and drawing one card from each of the two decks is equivalent to rolling the dice. The rest of the rules are identical to the original version. House edge and RTP depend on the ground rules that are additionally employed.
  • Craps with cards and dice
    This is not a variation in the rules, but in the method of determining the outcome. In most card and dice versions of craps, the Ace through 6 cards is dealt face down on the table, sometimes in duplicate. Now two dice are thrown. The result of the dice determines which cards are used to determine the final result. It is very difficult to fraudulently influence the outcome with this variant as there are two random components at play. There are several types of craps that use this or a similar method. The odds and house edge depending on the specific rules.
  • Open Craps, Fading Craps and Money Craps
    All of these similar variants aren’t really a variation of the actual rules. This game is mostly found in unofficial circumstances, such as in the form of a private game. All bets must be made through the bookmaker or dealer. A commission of 5% often has to be paid for this. However, players can bet among themselves when it comes to betting on the shooter. The bookmaker does not have to be consulted for this. As you can see, the game has a very informal component.
  • Scarney Craps
    This variant was developed by casinos that don’t have the same volume as the big casino cities, but still want to make a profit. Come and Don’t Come bets are not permitted here. On the other hand, the house doesn’t charge commissions like in other craps variants. This is of course attractive for the players and accordingly attracts a larger number of interested parties. Aside from that, the rules are identical to the regular types of craps. This variant is particularly popular in the Bahamas and South America. You can also find them from providers on the Internet.
  • Low-limit craps
    Also not a variation of the rules, this is a craps game where only small bets are allowed. They often range between 3 and 5 euros or dollars. This is of course particularly interesting for beginners, as you can try out the game with relatively little risk. Such games often have fixed stakes. They are usually located in the public area of ​​a casino, in contrast to the VIP tables, which are often set up in a closed-off area. If you are looking for fun in the game and less for a quick profit, you will choose this variant.
  • High-limit craps
    This is exactly the opposite version of the previous ones. The limits for the stakes sometimes require very high bets. It is also not uncommon for players to be able to decide the size of the bet completely themselves. Such a game is primarily aimed at so-called high rollers, players who play often and for large amounts. The high limits also serve to deter amateur players, beginners and the curious. Anyone who gambles for a lot of money usually wants to be surrounded by like-minded people. Tables with such rules are often found in areas of a casino that are only accessible to VIP customers.
  • Bubble Craps Machine
    Basically, this is an electronic version of craps. So you’re playing with a machine. This has real dice that are thrown by a mechanical process. Then the result is clear. You win, lose or establish a point. Otherwise, the game is identical to a regular version of craps. But you can program different rules, depending on what the customer needs to look like.

Which craps variation is the best for you?

No matter what types of craps one considers to be the best craps variations, choosing the right one for oneself isn’t always easy. First and foremost, you should be clear about what your goal is. fun? Long-term profit? High-risk bets with high returns? We have checked several scenarios for you.

Craps variants with the best odds

If you are interested in playing a game with relatively low risk, then it is very helpful to orientate yourself on the house edge of the craps variant in question. This reflects how high the statistical advantage of the bank is. The lower the house edge, the higher your chance of going home with a win.

  • Regular Craps has a house edge of 1.41%, making it one of the most player-friendly casino games.
  • High Point Craps is not far behind at 2.35%.
  • Simplified Craps is also not to be scoffed at with 2.8%.

Craps variations with the highest payout percentage

The other aspect of a casino game is the so-called payout percentage. This describes how much of your bet is statistically returned to you. But keep in mind that this is just a statistic. Of course, if you lose, the casino doesn’t have to pay you back. These variants allow a statistically high payback to the player:

  • The RTG Craps game has a whopping 99.53% RTP.
  • Many variants of Diceless Craps offer up to and above 99%.
  • Regular Craps offers a very high payout rate of 98.59% thanks to the Free Odds bet.

Craps variants for beginners

If you’re new to the game, it’s a good idea to start with simple variations. On the other hand, it can also be helpful to play complex variants with only simple bets in order to get to know the gameplay better. Here are our recommendations:

  • Regular Craps: Although you may feel overwhelmed at first, the quicker you learn the rules, the better. They are usually also applicable to all other Craps versions.
  • Single Dice Craps: While not offering the best odds, this game is very easy to understand.
  • High Point Craps: A simple version that still offers a challenge.

That’s how the pros play in Craps

Professional craps players are characterized less by a preference for a particular variant than by a solid understanding of odds and probabilities and strict money management. Professionals in particular rarely play on luck, but with a clear goal. You bet the desired amount and end the game when you win it. Otherwise, the chance of losing the money back to the casino increases.

You should rather stay away from these craps variants

Variants like Crapless Craps and Die Rich Craps offer surprisingly bad odds, even if the premise seems very tempting at first. But what is far more important than the exact variation is that you understand the rules, bets and odds of craps. Craps has a very high game speed. You should therefore refrain from all variants that overwhelm you or are unfamiliar to you. In this way, you avoid making mistakes or unfavorable decisions that can lead to financial losses and frustration.

How to improve your game in craps?

  • Find the best online craps casinos in Canada
    Canadian casinos offer a wide range of games, from craps to video poker, from the most modern slot machines to the most classic tables. On our website, you will always find reviews of the best and also the newest games. Based on our reviews, you will never run the risk of playing online craps at a casino that is unreliable and unable to meet Canadian standards for player safety and protection. We recommend reading our reviews to find gambling sites with:

    • the best selection of casino games – including craps, of course,
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    • the largest selection of secure payment methods,
    • the most efficient customer support.
  • Practice for free
    While it is not possible to play live craps for free, there are still several virtual games that you can practice with play money. This way you can get an overview of the online craps game and learn more about the different bets and strategies. And all without jeopardizing your bankroll! Learn Craps Before You Play Seriously!
  • Look over the streamers’ shoulders
    Watching a streamed craps game can help you become familiar with the game and learn the ins and outs. Ever since Evolution launched their live game of craps, there have been a number of streamers on Twitch and YouTube demonstrating their skills online. However, there are not many streamers for craps yet as the game has only recently become available in live casinos.

Online craps on mobile

Like any other online casino game, craps can now be played on mobile! In fact, online games are increasingly being played on mobile devices and both providers and casinos are adapting!

The best way to experience craps on mobile right now is to opt for a live variant – you can choose between Evolution Live Craps or Vivo Gaming Live Craps, which have been optimized for mobile devices. So you already know two of the best online craps games that you can play from anywhere.

For an intuitive mobile experience, we recommend playing craps at a mobile casino that has a dedicated app. Vulkan Vegas is a good example of this.

Just like "real" craps, online craps is a dice game. In general, that's exactly how it works here. You can also find live craps in some online casinos, but this is a rare occurrence.

Most online casinos have craps in their offerings. In our online casino reviews, you can make sure that the casino you choose actually offers craps before you waste your time looking for it.

Winning at craps depends very much on what you bet on in this dice game. Depending on the type of bet, your chances of winning and possible payouts vary, as does the house edge of the online casino.

You can play craps for free by opting for an RNG craps game that can be played against the computer. You can look for these games in the table games section at an online casino.

Craps is a pure game of chance that you cannot influence with your own skill. However, you can build your betting strategy in a way that increases your chances of making a profit. These include so-called insurance bets, which protect you against the loss of your main bet.

Craps is one of the most popular casino games around the world and is particularly popular in America. But of course, the game is also available online. The dice are controlled by a random number generator.

It is true that one hears again and again that players in particular cheat in craps. But that is very difficult nowadays. The casinos themselves employ strict protocols to nip the possibility of cheating in the bud. These include, among other things, transparent cubes. Also, all transactions must take place on the table in order for the camera to monitor them.

Most pros would answer this question with the craps odds strategy since there is no house edge here.

To a certain extent, betting systems like the Martingale strategy can help turn a profit. On the other hand, you need deep pockets for such a strategy.

Unfortunately, the answer is none. Like all casino games, craps has a built-in house edge. However, you can make a profit with clever betting strategies.

That ultimately depends on your taste. If you prefer a simple game of chance, opt for Single Dice or New York Craps. If an element of the strategy is important to you, then regular craps is the right choice.

The dice game is particularly popular in the USA, Canada, the Bahamas and Great Britain, but also in Eastern Europe. If there is no live casino with a craps table in your area, you can choose from one of the numerous online providers.

In this case, the problem is likely coming from the provider or operators. We recommend that you contact customer support to verify that the game variant you are trying to access is still available.

When you play craps live, the bet you placed before losing your connection still counts. For RNG games, you can continue playing where you left off after reconnecting.

You cannot play free live craps due to the resources required to run this game. However, you can try First Person Craps for free to learn the game or choose an RNG version.

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